Our School-Based Programme

Our school-based programme involves mentors travelling to a local school, removing their Little Brother or Little Sister from class, and doing activities with them on the school grounds.

This usually happens on the same day and time each week for one hour, pre-agreed between the mentor and the school. However there’s flexibility if things crop up at work or visits need to be changed. The key thing is to be consistent and to turn up when you say you’ll turn up.

After collecting your Little counterpart from class, there are many fun activities to do for 60 minutes on the school grounds, including sports, crafts, baking, colouring, learning a new skill, playing board games or hanging out on the playground.

A one-year commitment is required for all BBBS programmes.

If you would like to get involved or find out more please please fill in our pre- application form or get in touch with us.